Six Helpful Online Valve Resources

Below you will find a list of six online resources designed to help end users make effective use of valve technology.

Finding information about valves can be amazing, especially for beginners. If you check your application valve, it’s important to know what you see so you can make KP-LOK the best buying decision. Because the Internet is filled with various sources of information about valves, it can be difficult to isolate these sources. Through the flow control network, we have provided the valve with six best online resources.

  1. Open Source Materials

The manuals on chemical processes and controls are motivated by the creation and contribution of students from the Law Department of the University Of Michigan School Of Engineering. This sentence includes the course of the director of the department. This valuable information provides information on best practices for industrial valve types and valve selection. This manual contains valve types, safety valves, flow characteristics, valve sizes, construction materials, actuators, and more. In addition, video conferences are convenient to watch. To learn more, click here.

  1. Control Valve Manual, 4th edition

The manual for the control valve is provided by Emerson Process Management. This manual was created in 1965 and published. Emerson provides Vocabulary Control Valve Performance, Valve and Actuator Type, Digital Valve Control, Analog Positioning, Accessories and Control Valves, Selection Strategies, Steam Regulators, Maintenance of Installation and Control Valves, valve standards Refer to data pipeline reference data and general conversions. To see this precious material, click here

  1. Valve specifications and standard

This is about finding a very useful online portal if you are looking for detailed information about valve applications and technologies. The site offers the opportunity to present a list of recent valve standards and specific chapter references, contact links, updates to user submission lists and additions to the list. It comprises some standards, such as:ASME, ANSI, API, FCI,ASTM, ISA,BS (UK), DIN, EN, IEC, ISO, MSS, NACE, NAMUR, TRD, VDE / VDI. Click here for details

  1. Valve buyer guides in the industry

The Valve Industry Buyer’s Guide is an online resource that searches for users’ valves and suppliers using locations, companies or technology categories. Valve Industry Buying Guide has the following categories. OEM support services, packaging / sealing / seals, professional services and consultants, pumps, resources, casting, forging and raw materials, cleaning and maintenance, coatings and colors, components, parts and accessories, security, software, isolation valves, valve operating system, valve service, repair and test. This resource is here.


This resource, known as engineers, technicians, sales managers, marketing managers and other employees, works in the global valve industry and is useful to all types of people. The site provides digital communities through websites, e-newsletters and social media channels. The purpose of this site is to provide an exchange of expert opinions, news, product information, case studies, videos, event information, etc. Please click here to participate.

Six Helpful Online Valve Resources

  1. Valve Glossary App

The Cameron International Valve Vocabulary app contains more than 400 valve elements that you can see instantly when you need their automation. In addition to the valve aspects, there are various resources, such as conversion tables, gas and liquid density, other standard constants and the equivalent size of the equation.

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