Mast from a variety of typical Chinese medicine (TCM) preparations. The hemopoietic mash acts healingly on the skin and mucous membrane of the rectum, eases feelings of itching and burning, reinforces the vascular wall. Known under the Czech name “Balm Smoldering Canyon”. Detailed description in piles, shedding or itching of the anus.

Result in The hematopoietic mash impacts the skin and mucosa of the rectum location. Helps both in piles influenced by inflammation, thrombosis or bleeding, as well as swelling around the anus, such as dermatitis, eczema or inflammation of the glands around. Haemorrhoid cream is likewise suitable for misting or soreness.

Machos, beaver, pearl powder, brownish-yellow remove and boreal material have complicated effects on the skin and the mucosa of the rectum impacted by inflammation. Hemeroidy It likewise tones the vessel wall, stopping blood stagnation and swelling in the area, resulting in undesirable stress, shedding or discomfort. The automobile is fluid paraffin, oil and oil.


Advised dose

2-3 times a day to apply ointment to haemorrhoids at afflicted sites, ideally after cleaning the anus location with water. Note After application to the skin or mucous membrane, a short burning feeling, replaced by a cooling experience, indicates a decrease in blockage. Composition Shexiang, Niuhuang, Zhenzhu, Bingpian, brownish-yellow remove, liquid paraffin, oil, grease. Annotation Hemorrhoids have always been mankind. It is additionally vital to understand that not every little thing we consider haemorrhoids

The initial symptom of haemorrhoid pile complication is the presence of intense red blood on the stool, itching, wetting, and pressure in the anus. Hemeroidy In more advanced phases, when haemorrhoids were not gotten rid of in time, the anal mucosa with haemorrhoids is breathed out is certainly vital, investing a little additional on better pain relief.

An irreversible episode of the mucous membrane layer could not be fixed by outpatient methods, and medical treatment with a hospital stay is needed. Holding off a medical professional’s see could bring about ridiculous and startling cases of clients who, on the assumption that they have “just” piles, have actually typically treated with drugs that are serious and frequently untreatable.

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